Having a solid background in electrical engineering along with many years of project management, I am very detail-oriented in my work. This ethic is also very evident in my photography. When each photo is your calling card, it pays to be detail-oriented. While some photographers will release un-retouched photos, my photographic style relies on the extensive retouching and colour correction that gives you the very best photos of a shoot.

With experience in film & print processing, I understand and appreciate the importance of ‘developing’ digital images for correct white balance, colour, exposure, tone, and contrast for an overall crisp and clean image. I deliver top quality images in a very short time using advanced digital work flow techniques.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. My first SLR camera was a Canon TX, purchased for a family trip in 1977. After numerous film SLR’s I finally converted, in 2004, to digital. In 2008, I started photographing figure skating events and shortly after began dance photography along with high school drama productions. I typically use Canon’s newest camera – the Canon 7D Mark II, but also have a full-frame Canon 5D Mark III. These low light, high action events are ideal for low noise, high fps (frame per second) camera bodies. Along with these bodies, I have numerous lenses, flashes, modifiers and portable backgrounds to follow and express my creativity.

I am available for shoots around Fort Frances district and on remote locations. Prior to each session, a consultation determining your expectations will assist me in meeting and hopefully surpassing your vision, providing you with the best and most optimal photo experience. Feel free to view my Portfolio and Facebook page.